About Arby

Explore. Capture. Repeat.

Pursuing Creative Excellence

More than a decade before his mix of landscape, wildlife, and aerial photography earned international recognition, Arby Lipman took his first trip to Africa. The continent's rugged beauty and wildlife left an impression on the young Florida na-tive. When he returned to the area years later, he brought along his camera, ea-ger to document — and, hopefully, somehow preserve — one of the last truly wild places on earth.

Africa continues to be the glue that binds Lipman's portfolio together. The conti-nent also serves as the setting for many of his award-winning photographs, which have received nods from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the Windland Smith Rice International Awards. He aims to capture the vastness and beauty of Africa — a place, he says, where a person "can wit-ness raw, unfiltered nature, the way it's meant to be viewed, and feel like part of the ecosystem."

A self-taught photographer, Lipman honed his skills in his native Florida before turning his eye towards capturing the iconic beauty of America’s national parks. Colorblind since birth, he developed a unique style that relied heavily on black-and-white, a palette that emphasized light, shadow, and vivid contrast. That ap-proach has served him well in Africa, where Lipman has built his reputation upon a series of fine-art photographs that spotlight the continent's people, animals, and other worldly landscapes.

Bold, dramatic, and compelling, Arby Lipman's photographs capture a world in motion. They're part of an ongoing narrative — one that helps tell Africa's story, one picture at a time.